Updated Valley View COVID-19 cumulative stats

April 7, 2020, GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLO – The following are updated statistics from Valley View:

Valley View COVID-19 Cumulative Stats 4/7/2020

Specimens collected thru Valley View: 217

Positive results: 25

Pending results: 4

Patients admitted with COVID-19 since outbreak began: 14

Reported numbers are from Valley View only and could change at any time.

Last week, this release included reported deaths from Garfield County. This is data from the State of Colorado based on the county of residence of the deceased. While Valley View Hospital is located in Garfield County, it helps serve Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties. As of April 6, 2020 at 4pm, this tri-county area reported eight deaths.

We’re all in this together. Please stay home and practice physical distancing. #FlattentheCurve


Specimens collected: These are specimens collected by Valley View providers that are sent to outside laboratories to conduct COVID-19 testing. This is a cumulative number.

Positive results: These are the number of positive COVID-19 results returned from the Valley View specimens tested. This is a cumulative number.

Patients admitted with COVID-19 since outreach began: Patients with a positive COVID-19 test who have been hospitalized at Valley View. This is a cumulative number.

Additional Questions:

“From whom is Valley View collecting specimens?” With limited testing resources, specimens are collected from only hospitalized and/or high-risk patients with a physician referral. This means that a special swab of the nose occurs, it is then placed in a tube and sent to an outside lab. “High risk” means those with the greatest risk for severe disease, complications and death.

“What is the turnaround for test results?” At this point, Valley View is receiving test results in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

“The number of positive tests is not the same as admitted patients. Why?” Not all positive patients require hospitalization. For patients with mild symptoms, his/her doctor may recommend that they recover at home with specific instructions (e.g. isolation, monitor symptoms). Other positive patients may be very ill and need hospitalization.

“What is the status of these individual hospitalized patients?” Per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Valley View will not speak to the specific status of an individual patient.

Updated Valley View COVID-19 cumulative stats