Updated Valley View COVID-19 cumulative stats

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO – The following are updated statistics from Valley View:

Valley View COVID-19 Cumulative Stats 5/19/2020:
Specimens collected thru Valley View: 1,235
Positive results: 48
Pending results: 40
Patients admitted with COVID-19 since outbreak began: 16
Admitted patients discharged: 13
Reported numbers are from Valley View only and could change at any time.

Every day, the team at Valley View is working to ensure the safety of patients while providing important medical care. Valley View providers are here for in-person care. VirtualCare, including telehealth and video visits,is also offered.

For those patients who visit the hospital or a Valley View practice in the community, screening and masks are now routine for all staff and patients. Appointments are scheduled and waiting rooms arranged to support physical distancing. These changes are part of Valley View’s focus on the safety of our staff and patients.


Specimens collected: These are specimens collected by Valley View providers that are sent to outside laboratories to conduct COVID-19 testing. This is a cumulative number.

Positive results: These are the number of positive COVID-19 results returned from the Valley View specimens tested. This definition is updated on April 21 to clarify that the positive results represent positive patients. This is a cumulative number.

Patients admitted with COVID-19 since outreach began: Patients with a positive COVID-19 test who have been hospitalized at Valley View. This is a cumulative number.

Admitted patients discharged: Of admitted patients with a positive COVID-19 test, number who have been discharged from Valley View Hospital. Patients may be discharged to recover at home, to another hospital for a higher level of care, to hospice or to psychiatric care. This is a cumulative number.

Additional Questions:

“From whom is Valley View collecting specimens?” As of April 20, Valley View has both a nasopharyngeal swab and saliva-based PCR testing. These options enable Valley View to test hospitalized, high-risk patients and other patients with a physician referral. For the nasopharyngeal swab, a special swab of the nose occurs, it is then placed in a tube and sent to an outside lab. For the saliva-based test, the patient spits into a special container that is then processed and sent to an outside lab. “High risk” means those with the greatest risk for severe disease, complications and death.

“What is the turnaround for test results?” At this point, Valley View is receiving test results in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

“The number of positive tests is not the same as admitted patients. Why?” Not all positive patients require hospitalization. For patients with mild symptoms, his/her doctor may recommend that they recover at home with specific instructions (e.g. isolation, monitor symptoms). Other positive patients may be very ill and need hospitalization.

“What is the status of these individual hospitalized patients?” Per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Valley View will not speak to the specific status of an individual patient.

Updated Valley View COVID-19 cumulative stats