GCPH: COVID-19 summary for the week of June 21

Hospitalizations, death increase; Delta variant concern for unvaccinated individuals; move to Yellow

On June 18, Garfield County had six individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 – all were unvaccinated. There has been an increase in deaths due to COVID-19 since the first of May. Prior to May, there had not been any COVID deaths since February. Substantial evidence shows that low vaccination rates are contributing to high levels of disease spread, increased hospitalizations and deaths. Garfield County has significant increases in cases of the Delta variant, primarily affecting unvaccinated individuals.

Garfield County Public Health, Valley View and Grand River Health held a webinar earlier this week to explain the current COVID situation in Garfield County. View the webinar on Facebook @Garfield Health or Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84217870813 – Webinar ID: 842 1787 0813.

County vaccinations at 52%

There continues to be a slow, steady increase in vaccinations among adults, with nearly 26,600 persons vaccinated. Sixty-three percent of adults 19 and older have received one dose. There was a 72% increase in 12- to 15-year-olds becoming fully vaccinated and a 10% increase in those receiving first doses.

Counties with low vaccination rates show increased hospitalizations

The above graph represents the negative correlation between the percent of population vaccinated and hospitalizations. On the trend line, hospitalizations per 100k persons decrease as the percent of the population fully vaccinated increases. As of last week, neighboring Eagle County had seven new coronavirus cases for the week, Pitkin County had one. Mesa County added 254. Garfield County added 37 cases which is a rolling average of 5.3 cases per day.

Mesa County is changing the way it presents data, providing a detailed look at hospital capacity. Considering Garfield County cases, this is important as those that need hospitalization may not be able to be transferred to the closest hospital. Mesa reports 91.6% of the hospital beds in the county are being utilized as well as 90.9% of staffed ICU beds and 82.1% of ventilators.

Breakthrough cases

A breakthrough case is someone who is considered fully vaccinated (one shot of Johnson & Johnson or a two-dose cycle of Moderna and Pfizer) and is exposed after two weeks from receiving their second dose and contracts the virus. As of June 18, Garfield has had 46 breakthrough cases out of the 26,000 people who have been fully vaccinated. Less than two-tenths of a percent of people vaccinated have had a reported positive case of the virus. The vaccine in Garfield County is well within the published vaccine efficacy rates, continuing to have one of the highest rates of efficacy of any type of vaccine.

COVID-19 outbreaks & long-term care facility impacts

  • A large outbreak is being investigated in a private company that has led to over 20 people ill, several hospitalizations and one death, in employees who are unvaccinated.
  • Three long-term care facilities are involved in outbreaks impacting over 28 staff and residents. In the case of one long term care facility, 92% of staff were vaccinated. However, five out of six staff tested positive and were unvaccinated. Five residents tested positive and one death occurred.
  • Due to low staff vaccination rates, long-term care facilities were required to send in vaccination plans to the state health department.
  • Long-term care facilities are now required to follow enhanced infection control protocols.
  • Mesa had 24 deaths in the last month, 33% of those deaths in 80+ years

Move to Yellow on dial

Garfield has moved the county dial to the yellow (concerned) tier based on cumulative incidence and test positivity rates. The dial is no longer tied to state restrictions; however, it provides a sense of how it is impacting the community.

Upcoming vaccine clinics

Clinics are being offered every day of the week in various locations throughout Garfield County. A list of vaccine clinics can be found on the English webpage, Spanish webpage, and on Facebook @Garfieldhealth.


Geographic areaTotal casesCurrently hospitalizedDeathsRecovered
Global177,563,153Not Available (N/A)3,844,571161,866,135
United States33,512,48013,862601,049N/A
Garfield County6,1697*43 ConfirmedN/A
Eagle County6,128023N/A
Pitkin County2,501N/A4N/A
Mesa County16,6094215016,092

* Hospitalized cases that GCPH is tracking though the contact investigation process.

* From Johns Hopkins, covidtracking.com, CDPHE, Our World in Data, Statista and the CDC


  • 37 cases added over the previous 7-day period, for a rolling average of 5.3 cases added per day. Down 17 cases from last week.


  • 43 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths
  • 2 deaths have occurred amongst COVID-19 cases; cause of death was not COVID-19
  • 1 deaths under investigation  
  • 2 new death reported since last week

METRICS (6/12 – 6/8)

Day7-day cumulative incidence7-day test positivity rate14-day cumulative incidence14-day test positivity rate


*Percent of cases Public Health is tracking through the contact tracing process

Saturday: 13.7%
Sunday: 14%
Monday: 13.7%
Tuesday: 12.5%
Wednesday: 15.9%
Thursday: 20%
Friday: 18.9%    


VaccineFirst dosesSecond doses
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)2,412
Difference from last week5601,167

*As of June 17, for individuals vaccinated anywhere in the state with a Garfield County address.

The following are the total number of doses administered by Garfield County providers as of June 17.

First dosesSecond dosesDoses administered for the week
All providers as of 6/1730,06524,4521,243
GCPH: COVID-19 summary for the week of June 21