Data reporting for the state COVID-19 dial and the Garfield County Coronameter

Garfield County Public Health wants to make it easier to keep track of COVID-19 numbers. Both the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Garfield County Public Health report COVID data.

Garfield County COVID September 28 update
Garfield County remains in the cautious risk category, though it has seen some positive movement in the past week with a decrease in the test positivity rate, which is currently below five percent. Public Health staff is still concerned about having close to a third of all cases coming from community spread. There has also been a noticeable lag in time that tests are being reported to the health department, as well as a gap in time for people to seek out a test once they have symptoms. Individuals are asked to seek a COVID test within a day of symptom onset.

Garfield County COVID data page updates
Over the next few weeks, Garfield County Public Health will modify its current COVID-19 data page to incorporate the state’s COVID-19 dial.

“We were already tracking the same measurements that the dial included,” said Mason Hohstadt, Garfield County Public Health Specialist. “We decided it was best to adopt the state’s dial, but we want to be sure to continue to provide the additional data and measurements that the state does not track or report on our page.”

The state dial tracks hospital capacity, the cumulative incidence rate, and average percent positivity of COVID. Cumulative incidence measures how much of the virus is circulating in our community, and average positivity provides the percent that come back positive out of all tests performed.

Garfield County will continue to provide additional measures that include community spread, days before seeking testing, test turnaround time and cases interviewed.

“We have always used all of these measures to create a full picture for the risk of COVID spread in Garfield County and how well we are doing at mitigating that risk,” explained Hohstadt.

“The state dial is a visual barometer showing how well a county is doing at progressing through the levels of opening to reach ‘Protect Our Neighbors.’ Because the state dial is more of a tool for moving through the stages of opening, we wanted to be sure to still show the level of risk to our county residents by continuing to offer additional data points. We will eventually remove our four-color Coronameter on our current data page, but you will still be able to find all of our data,” he continued.

Garfield County COVID-19 case data / Coronameter webpage

Colorado Department of Public Health COVID-19 dial webpage

How frequently is data updated?
County-level COVID data is updated daily with the Coronameter section updated at the end of the day on Friday.

State COVID-19 dial information is updated each day around 4 p.m.

Data reporting for the state COVID-19 dial and the Garfield County Coronameter