COVID Summary 4.13.20 – 4.15.20


COVID situation in Garfield County (data as of 4 pm – 4.15.20)

  • 62 cases
  • 16 hospitalized
  • 12 discharged
  • 2 deaths
  • 0 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities


Community releases

NEWCounty business personal property declaration deadline extended to June 15 gives business owners more time to make 2020 declarations.

NEWStage 1 fire restrictions set in Garfield County As of April 15, fire districts and federal lands partners enacted restrictions including for burning, including agricultural burning; need to reserve first responders to fight COVID.

New app helps emergency medical responders contact patients to chat about COVID symptoms on their way to medical emergency scenes.

The community is asked to download Hippo Health app to phones; no further registration information is needed. By simply downloading the app, first responders can send invites to ask questions in a video chat on the way to the scene.  

Public Health nurses active in COVID-19 contact tracing. How Public Health provides guidance to individuals and businesses that may have been exposed to COVID-19, to help control spread of the disease.

Is Coronavirus a concern with takeout food? FAQ in English | (Spanish)

Testing and data

If you have COVID-like symptoms (such as cough, fever, or shortness of breath) please complete a symptoms form to help provide data on cases. Fill out our feelings form to report out on the status of your mental health during the challenges of physical distancing.

Testing, and the lack of testing, is an issue across the nation, and we are actively evaluating all viable options. Public Health has been, and will continue to be, involved in evaluating and accessing the most accurate testing with our community’s medical partners.

We all see and hear about the different tests that are being marketed and produced, and ask “Why aren’t we getting these tests?” Most of these are without full FDA approval; we have to take a careful look to understand how they would best serve our communities. We want to have the most reliable, accurate tests, that will provide the public the most accurate results.

Our goal is to help people know if COVID-19 is actively impacting their health.

Garfield COVID-19 Incident Management Team projects

    Continuous coordination between public health, hospitals, health care providers, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and 911, local business coordination, human services, schools, and local governments
    Coordinating with hospitals and community entities on contracting local alternate care sites to be utilized in the event of patient surge
    Mitigate the spread of COVID19 in Garfield County through implementation of state public health orders, issuing social distancing guidance, and also through case investigation and contact tracing
  • DATA
    Compilation of data provision of data portal online for the community; links to state data sources updated continuously
    Continuous updating of business resources; development and meetings regarding economic recovery
    Developing a mental health outreach plan and providing additional resources for responders and the community
    Providing continuous updates from local, state and federal resources, distribution through the county website, Emergency Management feed and email distribution, hotlines, local media, facebook, and webinars
    All press releases from Garfield County are translated for Emergency Management feed, Spanish translations provided by state are posted, webinars and Facebook post translations
    Facilitate community recovery through the development of a tiered reemergence plan in collaboration with Pitkin County and Eagle County and coinciding with statewide public health orders

Public information

Feeling ill or concerned? COVID-19 hotline 970-429-6186: English/Español

Assistance programs: 970-625-5282 or 970-945-9191



Facebook: @garfieldhealth

Email Public Health:

Register for emergency notifications

Local volunteer opportunities: 970-456-2804

COVID Summary 4.13.20 – 4.15.20