Gov. Polis provides guidance to municipalities on local elections

Categories: COVID-19

DENVER - Gov. Polis issued guidance to municipalities across Colorado who are preparing for upcoming elections.

“We want to ensure that Coloradans across our state are able to participate in their local elections and that this pandemic does not impact our democratic process,” said Governor Jared Polis. “It’s critical that Coloradans stay home during this time to the extent they can, but it’s also critical that they exercise their right to vote in all elections whether it’s for your fire district, electric coop, or town. Clerks have been working hard preparing for these elections, and we want to support them and hold them accountable for making sure Coloradans can safely exercise our right to vote.

More than 100 municipal elections are being held on April 7 across Colorado. In an effort to preserve the right to vote in free and fair elections, and building on the work of the Colorado Municipal League (CML) and local elections administrators, Gov. Polis is issuing guidance to local municipalities to ensure that all Coloradans can vote safely. This includes:
  • Encouraging absentee methods of voting where possible
  • Following the social distance guidance provided in Public Health Order 20-24
  • Encouraging early voting and voting during off-peak hours, where voter crowds may be smaller throughout the day
  • Drive-up voting or ballot drop off for eligible voters
  • Consulting guidance provided by CML and local health agencies regarding how to safely conduct municipal elections
Read the full guidance here. Read CML’s guidance here.